GrafikaVision – Vancouver Branding, Graphic Design and Web Design studio.

GrafikaVision is a local web, graphic and design studio focusing on product marketing and branding. GrafikaVision provides accessible and versatile design solutions for Canadian and International businesses. Driven by design process, fueled by passion and supported by technology – GrafikaVision creates custom solutions for businesses and professional at every stage of development.
Our clients include beauty spas & medical centers, financial service providers, hospitality sector, product based businesses, real estate, cannabis industry and others. Our philosophy revolves around quality, excellent customer care, support and long-lasting results. In our work process, we provide clients with the design that overcomes convention, gets noticed and attracts clients or customers.


Our Philosophy – 9 rules


01   Trust Your Gut

We worked with many businesses from different industries and have a good understanding of how to communicate your ideas in visual form. Our design solutions have to feel right supported by the backbone of logic and experience.


02    Choose Transparency

Trust is a key for a successful business relationship. We will emotionally invest into your business and will offer an honest and transparent break down in our design process and pricing.


03    Be Curious and Open

Curiosity is an essential force for new ideas and creativity.  Asking questions about your product, service or business is an integral part of our design process that would enable us to generate great ideas.


04    Always Grow

Knowledge is light in the forest of conflicting information. There is just too much data out there but it is important to check your sources and stay aware of new trends, technology and constant never ending progress. We can’t stay on top of everything but we stay in tune with our industry by always learning, taking new workshops, reading updates and researching on different related topics.


05    Be Kind

We like working with nice people. Kindness in the workplace creates a supportive environment for positive growth and development.


06    Be Real, Be You

Pretending takes a lot of energy from the creative process. We nurture authenticity because this is the only way to the hearts of your clients. Your brand will stand out by being true to its values.


07    Be respectful

Everybody has bad and good days. Respecting each other will ensure that we keep building our relationship and moving in the upward motion.


08    Be resourceful

Is there a way to move from point A to D in a faster manner? Is there a way to save you a lot of money by making the size of your catalog 0.25” smaller? We think about you and treat your business like our own.


09    Look at the big picture

At the end of the day – where are we going? What are your milestones? We want to be your trusted partner on the way to building your brand, website or engaging client niche. We are here for you. We will listen, support, advise and keep you on track.