Website Design for a Vancouver Medicinal Mushroom Company
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Website Design for a Vancouver Medicinal Mushroom Company

We got approached by STEM Chocolates to redesign their current website which had some design, user experience and back-end issues.  The old site didn’t reflect company’s values and commitment to finest quality in the medicinal mushroom industry.

Who is STEM?

STEM is a natural wellness brand and medicinal mushroom company focused on educating the public on the practical benefits of safe medicinal mushroom consumption.

STEM produces the finest quality chocolate bars and candies infused with psilocybin crafted in small batches by experienced chocolatiers.

Website design for medicinal mushroom company

What did we do:

✅ Redesigned the website to make it look beautiful, clean and functional. The main goal in design was to go away from traditional psychedelic associations and display the commitment to quality and high standards.

✅ Restructured pages for better flow and user experience, reorganized product categories and added a mega menu

✅ Created custom product pages with large images to highlight medicinal mushroom products

✅ Redesigned and streamlined e-commerce section

✅ Optimized website’s speed

✅ From the client’s review: “Our new website has only been up for a month and we have already noticed and significant increase in daily orders and subscribers.”


Responsive website design


“Working With Grafikavision and Masha has been such a pleasant experience! She designed such a beautiful website and paid great attention to detail. She was with us every step of the way, ensuring the process was going according to plan and being so accommodative to all our requests. Grafikavison was able to deliver and develop our vision into an amazing website that elevates our brand, showcasing the quality and value of our products on a platform that is easy to navigate. Our entire website was custom designed down to every single detail. We loved working with Grafikavison. The whole process was communicated clear and concise with regular check-ins and updates. We will continue to work with Grafikavision for on going website maintenance and upgrades moving forward.” – STEM founder (Full review)

  • Date March 28, 2023
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