Editorial Design for PHSA
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Editorial Design for PHSA

The Provincial Health Services Authority (PSHA) commissioned GrafikaVision to lead the editorial design of the Penicillin Allergy De-labeling Change Package, a key initiative for clinics to reevaluate patient allergy risks.

The process entailed the development of a new, visually appealing editorial package that combined a clean aesthetic with a hint of playfulness. My design approach included the use of colour coding to distinguish between chapters, further enhancing the layout with a variety of icons and illustrations. To emphasize visual clarity and coherence I also redesigned infographics and charts.to simplify clinical information.

Did you know?

One in ten North Americans self-reports an allergy to penicillin, and this percentage is even higher, around one in five, among hospitalized patients. However, more than 90% of these individuals are not truly allergic upon formal assessment and can safely receive penicillin without experiencing adverse reactions.

  • Date December 13, 2023
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