Brand Identity for Online Educational Platform
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Brand Identity for Online Educational Platform

When Theorem approached us with the task of creating a new brand identity, our team embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

Theorem is an online educational platform that offers self-paced courses designed for both current and aspiring professionals in the field of Product, including UX designers, researchers, product designers, product owners, and product managers. Its comprehensive curriculum comprises core courses that cover the entire discipline of UX Design Career, as well as add-on courses tailored to enhance the skills of experienced professionals in their roles.


What is “Theorem?”

The choice of the word «theorem» is intentional and aligns with the foundation of product design, which heavily relies on evidence-based research. In this context, «theorem» reflects a general proposition that is not self-evident but rather substantiated through a chain of reasoning—an established truth based on accepted principles.








Brand Identity Concept

The brand’s tagline, «Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat» embodies an unwavering commitment to innovation comprised of a reoccurring cycle of learning fuelled by insatiable curiosity.

In the process of conceptualizing the Theorem brand, our primary objective was to create a logo that expressed an academic aura while maintaining an approachable appeal, reflecting the realms of technology, design, and evolution.


The Logo Mark Design

The mark consisting of two corner shapes resemble brackets or a container with a dot inside. The circle evokes associations with new ideas and, also, represent an individual – the Theorem student. The brackets embody intentionality with openings at both ends suggesting a passage or flow of ideas and information.


Brand Typography

The selected font for Theorem – the strong, bold sans serif typeface communicates authority, while its rounded edges create an approachable and friendly feel. It represents Theorem’s philosophy based on presenting knowledge and skills applicable within the UX industry primed for immediate application in the student’s career path. 


Brand Mark Positioning

The strategic positioning of the icon plays a significance within this emblem. Placed at the end of the wordmark, it suggests various meanings, alluding to the notion of being «in squared.» This mathematical term signifies the operation of multiplying a number by itself, symbolizing repetition, technology, and evolution.


Brand Identity Colors

The Incorporation of navy blue, with a hint of purple, lends a sense of authority and scientific acumen. Contrarily, the presence of orange in the mark instills a sense of excitement, curiosity, and enthusiasm for exploring new possibilities.


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  • Date October 24, 2023
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