Brand Identity for Miran and BC Blacksmith Wrought Iron Art Studio
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Brand Identity for Miran and BC Blacksmith Wrought Iron Art Studio

It is always a special treat to create a brand identity for an artist passionate about his craft. If you live in Vancouver, you’ve probably passed by or have seen BC Blacksmith studio located on Granville Island. Miran Elbakyan is a blacksmith and an artisan, specializing in sophisticated design, making unique wrought iron staircase railings, fences, gates and sculptures.

Each of Miran’s wrought-iron sculptures has a unique story inviting the audience to watch a spectacle frozen in time. His art sculptures are inspired by music and everyday life, simple joys in nature and daily human experiences.

During our work we helped Miran to achieve the following objectives:

  • Design a logo that represents BC Blacksmith studio
  • Design a brand signature for “Miran” that can be used independently from the logo as a stamp on his sculptures and other work creations
  • Business card design
  • Brand identity guide design for a website development

Our logo design process started with sketches to capture the essence of Miran’s work. Gradually we arrived at a simplified logo that can be versatile in different media and applications.

The stamp signature was designed to express the strength and nature of wrought iron material. 

Located in the heart of Granville island – BC Blacksmith is a worthwhile destination to witness a rare form of wrought iron art. You will find here an extensive selection of wrought iron sculptures, railings, gates, tables, wine racks and bottle holders, gazebos and canopies, mirrors in wrought, iron frames, lighting fixtures, home décor and wrought iron beds.

You can also check out Miran’s work online.

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  • Date February 17, 2022
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