Interior Graphics


Interior graphics (also called environmental or experiential graphic design) is a great way to enhance a physical space, establish a better visual way-finding system, embrace branding in an experiential way or communicate information in 3-D space. A good example of interior graphics would be a mural on the wall that helps to reinforce customer’s experience, create unique ambience and establish connection with the brand. Other examples of interior graphics include signage design and custom graphics on walls and interiors.

Interior graphics is a customized solution for businesses that want to stand out and create an edge in their physical environment. The graphics may simply be letters and words strategically placed on walls or elaborate art mural covering large areas.

If you would like more information about custom interior graphics get in touch with us via email, text or phone call. In the evaluation process we would need to explore your physical space and learn about your business.


Interior graphics examples:

Gordon house mural – 9′ x 48′
Interior graphics proposed on the wall along Gordon Neighborhood Community House were supposed to create a colorful, welcoming and appealing atmosphere for people participating in a community garden. As a result, the mural effectively captured the theme of community and health supporting its tagline “Together we grow”. Now the gray dim alley captures attention and effectively welcomes community gardening in the area. Read more about the project – interview with Masha Tikhonova.

Gordon_Neighbourhood_house_mural by Masha Tikhonova, Grafikavision
Gordon Neighbourhood House art mural by Masha Tikhonova, Grafikavision


Sushi Katsu

Sushi Katsu is a local restaurant located in North Vancouver. Grafikavision was involved during the renovation process to redesign its branding and create custom mural graphics to support the brand theme. The restaurant’s tag line “Embrace freshness” is supported through the visuals of sushi and fish coming out of the sea. The decorative stylistic effectively captivates and creates engaging ambiance.

Sushi_katsu_wall_mural by Masha Tikhonova
Sushi Katsu art mural designed by Masha Tikhonova, Grafikavision.