What does your business card say about you?


MustacheDrawing2I met Tanya at Dynamic Women networking group. Later our 1 hour coffee meeting turned into a 3 hour fascinating conversation about business, life, people and anything in between. One of the things that initially caught my attention about Tanya was her business card.

As a designer I am always on lookout for interesting business card ideas, innovative printing methods, new materials, etc. Tanya’s card caught my attention because it was very personal. It was unconventional in size with personality pointers such as “Ninja skills”, “Mutant powers”, “Seeks”, etc.



We often hear that business card should be a standard 3.5” X 2” size because it fits nicely in a wallet. But you do know the rules, right? It’s OK to break them for good; especially, if you want a personal non-corporate business card that expresses your personality.

I strongly believe that business card is one of the most important pieces of marketing. Usually, when you give out your business card you want your new acquaintance to get in touch and hopefully engage in some business or personal connection. When the business card is well designed it can really help you to start the conversation about what you do, create a lasting impression, get a call back, gain a new friend and much more!

Tanya’s business card got me curious! It turned out that she was a founder of Knot Theory – a fashion & accessories design house. Her products earned praises and thumbs up from AskMen.com, GQ UK magazine, and Kickstarter. They also won Vancouver TV’s fashion award!

When was the last time you evaluated your business card? New Year is approaching rapidly, encouraging new goals, exciting plans and possibly a new business card? 😉

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