Are you due for the website redesign?


website_redesignAs the summer begins to wind up, now is the perfect time to start the full preparation for a successful fall season. As most folks come back from vacations and kids head back to school, the fall season presents an ample opportunity for savvy business owners to up the tempo of their marketing efforts and generate more sales.

In the fall many businesses are rolling out their back to school sales stocks and whether you have kids or not the general mood of the population tends to favour buying in preparation for winter. During the time of buying and selling you may want to position your business to take advantage of the season sales by improving your advertising and marketing efforts.

Ok. I think I need a website update or redesign. Where do I start?

You should start with basic website analysis. When was the last time you updated your site, introduced new products, redesigned the banners, posted a new blog post? Think about your website as a storefront. When you open the doors to your shop, the signage is sparkling clean, everything is well organized, promotion is displayed in the right places. Then as the time passes by you may get too busy or unexpectedly too slow and things start to deteriorate. As a result, your website – your storefront starts to loose its power if you don’t take a good care of it. On a contrarily,  if you treat your website as a well operated shop the payback would exceed your expectations. As you keep working on your site, the Google page rank will also improve. Therefore, more people will be coming to your site and more sales will be happening.

However, updating your website may sound like a daunting task. There are so many things to take into account! You may wonder: where do I start? Should I start with visual or a new blog post or maybe add a new page? We suggest our signature AMA principle.

AMA principle is 1. Audience >  2. Message >   3. Action.

1. Audience

When you started a business you probably have carefully analyzed who is your ideal client. As time went by you may have developed a new set of products and new services that may fit for a different target market. Every time you consider to update or refresh your website you must think about your target audience. You have a chance to sell if your potential clients can easily navigate your site in search of the information they are looking for. If they don’t, they will ignore you. Ask yourself how well do you know your clients? When was the last time you checked in with your favourite customer? Do you know what they are looking for on your website?

2. Message

The next important step is your communication. What do you want your website to say about your products and services? How do you intend to pass on the message to you clients?  What feelings do you want to convey? Have you conducted customer surveys? Does your message communicate correctly with the right intention? Does your message suggest a call for action?

3. Action

Action is the last and probably the most important step in the equation. What do you want your target market to do when they visit your website? If you want them to buy your product, do they complete the purchase online? If you want them to get in touch with you, do you have a clear way to get in contact via your website? If you want your website to be shared on other sites do you put enough effort into quality content and imagery?

In order for your website to work for you and your business you don’t need to be a genius. However, you do need a team with tools and fresh ideas to deliver excellent results. This is when our team at GrafikaVision can come in to play and help with your existing website, freshen up the tired look or redesign the old website.


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