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A successful website meets well-defined goals and provides comprehensive content that draws your targeted audience to your website. A well designed, maintained and promoted website has the capacity to generate more business and a greater awareness about products or services that you offer.



Do you surf web? We bet you do. How do we know? Well, you’re on it right now! While you’re surfing, are there websites that you like and return to on consistent basis? Most likely the answer is – yes! There are websites that people use most of the time, and there are ones nobody cares about. You want your website to be one of the former.

Why do people stay on the website? Number 1 reason – they provide value.

There are too many websites out there that don’t answer your questions and are hard to navigate. These sites may have the same content over and over again, they may be polluted with unrelated ads that take you places you don’t want to go. If you have good and relevant content on your website and clear design structure – you’re half way there.

Even if you are just building a personal home page, you want to give your audience a reason to stay, and return to your site. Put yourself in the place of your audience. If you were them, what could you do to make your site interesting enough for them to return over and over again.


At GrafikaVision we offer comprehensive web services including:



So you want to launch a website. Where do you start? What content should you showcase on your site? What are your personal/business goals you want to achieve with the help of your website?

We make website planning painless, fast and effective. 10+ years of building websites helps us to see common patters and online behaviors that play an important role in website initial planning.

In initial planning stage we have to clearly define the goals of the website, its type and main direction. The goal of the website can be, for example, obtaining new clients, informational support of existing clients, positioning your company on the market, marketing of a new product or service, or doing business online, etc.

The next step in planning is defining your target audience. You have to find out who your clients are, where do they come from geographically, and why will they go to your website. International websites may have to be multilingual, whereas a local restaurant’s website should be sufficient in one local language (with exception, perhaps areas with heavy tourist traffic). Another very important planning demographic factor – age group. Websites for young audience will differ dramatically from websites for business professionals, which in their turn will differ from a website geared towards the baby-boomers community.

After you defined your audience, it’s time to move on to defining some visual aspects of the website. Is it graphically-intense (examples are photo studio, art gallery, interior decorator’s website, realtor’s website, etc), content-oriented (examples may include portals, search engines, business directories, blogs, news/media websites, etc), interactive (such as video games websites, contests/polls, user-driven websites, etc) or all of the above? Of course, you have to remember your goals to determine all of the above, so make sure you have them defined clearly and thoroughly.



Website design: beauty and function combined. We craft your website to serve the purpose, stand out from competition and easy to navigate.

Graphic design is considered by many one of the main area of website development. In some cases this is true. Simple websites, such as business-card types, can thrive on good graphic design alone. In any case, there is no denying that graphic design and visual look of the website is one of the major components of website design in general that can make or break the whole project.

Website look in general and its graphics in particular have to conform with your company’s branding. Remember – you have to promote and reinforce your brand consistently throughout all your business initiatives, including, of course, your website.

At GrafikaVision, all our website projects utilize our clients’ branding guidelines, their corporate (or personal, as need be) style, and overall wishes of the client. We make every website original, regardless of whether or not a design template (again, based on client’s wishes) was utilized.

Website layout is one of the main components of the website design as well. It is influenced greatly by ergonomics of the website and perceived user behavior. Every web page can be divided into logical elements and the goal of the website layout design is to position these elements on the page in the most efficient and user-friendly manner.

Because the web is such a busy place, user attention is a prized commodity everyone bids for.

The graphics and “the looks” of your website have to “grab” user’s attention. The layout will have to “comfort” the user and want him or her to keep on staying on your website, making sure that the information that the user is looking for is easy to access and easy to process (read, view, listen, download, etc).

The page flow and navigation design is needed to a) reinforce information access and b) lead user to a specific action – making a purchase, subscribing to a service (newsletter, blog, mail list, etc.), or simply leaving a feedback (a very useful marketing tool, by the way!).



While creating your website we jump start your SEO and Social media marketing. SEO is a magic BUZZ word you hear everywhere online! Good SEO is very important for your website and it takes planning prior to the website launch. We want your site to practice only the best SEO strategies that will truly enhance your site in a long term. It will take time and consistency for your site to obtain a good ranking. At the time of the website creation we ensure that our sites are optimized for the best results.

We also help you to be consistent with good SEO practices by providing guidance and necessary steps to gain awareness online. Social media is another buzz word known to everybody. As a part of your digital branding you would need to be on the biggest social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Google +. There great ways to integrate social media in your website to obtain better exposure.



We want our clients to succeed. We are here if you need us for your website needs including website maintenance, hosting and any other requests that will help you to advance in business!

If you’re thinking about a new website and wondering where to start – we can help. Give us a call, quick text or email to start the conversation. Also don’t forget to check out our portfolio and GrafikaVision facebook page.