Custom illustration helps to create unique ambiance, generate attention and engage imagination. It helps to reinforce your brand image, differentiate your marketing and attract certain audience groups. In certain cases illustrations work better than text to show a story by utilizing images and colors.

Design illustration can be divided in categories:

  • Ambiance illustration
  • Character illustration
  • Decorative illustration


Ambiance illustration sets the tone, takes us on a journey and often controls the layout design. This type of illustration often used on websites, business cards, brochures and interiors.
gordon_house_mural_illustrationGordon Neighbourhood House art mural is a great example of setting playful ambiance through colorful growth theme.


Character or mascot play a leading role in design and often become fundamental branding participant. This visual element helps to personify visual graphics, develop emotional attachments and tell stories.

robot_moto_illustration_brandingRobot Moto logo is a character example designed to represent the company’s products in an approachable way.



how_to_cook_borsch_cards_by_Masha_Tikhonova“How to cook borsch” cards tell a borsch recipe story. Each character adds a particular ingredient into the soup. Based on their visual appearance you can suspect that illustrated characters come from different backgrounds. The cards communicate two concepts through the use of characters: 1. Borsch is easy to prepare 2. Everybody is capable to cook it.








Decorative illustration helps to add extra polish and reinforce the overall design concept in a decorative way. This type of illustration is similar to ambiance illustration but doesn’t refer to a physical environment. It rather creates abstract references that engages the audience through its illustrative elements. Decorative illustration often used to support visual brand presence. Some of the obvious examples of the illustration are patterns and borders.

masha_tikhonova_illustration_bookBook spread decorative illustration. The cubes is a great example of decorative illustration that communicates message in a creative way.









Custom patterns may act as elegant brand style extenders.