Graphic Design


What did you do the last time someone gave you an awesome-looking business card? Did you admire it? Did you look closely, even studied it? Did you remember what kind of impression it created about that company? I bet it was a good impression, wasn’t it? This is the power of great graphic design. It can create very positive impression on your customers, prospects, vendors and even employees, promoting your service, your business values, and loyalty to your company.


Our design solutions for your business needs are inspiring, functional and visually appealing.

At GrafikaVision any design project starts with careful inspection of your brand. This will ensure visual and contextual brand message consistency throughout other means of communication like brochures, business cards posters and etc.

From the beginning of the design project we will take you on a journey, from initial concepts and sketches, all the way through to getting a beautiful piece of printed artwork in your hands. At GrafikaVision we believe in working with our clients hand in hand to ensure their end-result satisfaction and compassion of our expertise.



Business cards in a modern world do more than provide contact information. They play a crucial role in the marketing process. Besides relaying the traditional information, such as company name, phone number, website/email address etc., today’s competitive marketing industry requires that the business card has to stand out from the crowd.

Business cards exist to help businesses present their image by highlighting two crucial pieces of information – the services provided and how to get in touch. Business cards can also help to enhance the personal image of a business person.

The process of designing a business card is different from designing corporate identity or company’s logo. The business card (alongside with other marketing materials) is “the next step”. You want your business card look as professional as your logo and not only be useful to your customers or prospects, but also stand out from the crowd. And this is how we can help!


STATIONARY (envelopes, letterhead, fax covers, etc.)

To leave a firm and positive impression on your customers, prospects and business associates, it is important to have professionally designed stationary that can make your business look more serious and credible; something that contains the essence of your business corporate identity. A creative and professionally-designed stationary can take your business to new heights of success.

At Grafikavision, we provide you with complete design solution for your envelope, letterhead, fax cover, quotes and invoices. Stationery, being an essential part of your corporate identity, should be very attractive and should leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of the people who would be holding it. Having this in mind, we make sure that your corporate logo and business philosophy have been incorporated into the design.


MARKETING MATERIALS (brochures, flyers, postcards, catalogues, etc.)

High-quality marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers and postcards are the center point of great marketing campaigns and a great way to educate prospective buyers about your company and your products and services. These simply yet very effective marketing tools can help to increase buyers’ comfort level with your company, leading to a more smooth and short sales cycle.

At Grafikavision, we understand that gaining a competitive edge over your competition, increasing market share and making more money is important to your business, then you need to promote yourself with quality marketing materials. From multinational corporations to sole proprietors – literally all businesses – need to promote and market their brand, products and services in a manner that best communicates their core values and benefits.



At GrafikaVision we offer full service sign capabilities. As a convenience to our customers, we can use your existing artwork to produce nearly any sign your business or organization may require.



Our vinyl capabilities include traditional signage such as window lettering, decals, vehicle logos, vinyl banners, plastic and metal signs, magnetic door signs, real estate signage and much more.

Our secret to success is personal service, forming a partner-relationship with clients to create an environment where ideas are exchanged and communicated, resulting in quality achievement. We provide a full-range of solutions that go beyond the expected and provide a high level of performance that meets and exceeds our competition.