Personal branding: Logo and website design for Dr. Hofmann


GrafikaVision helped Dr. Hofmann to create a unique artistic brand that would symbolize her medical practice. We also designed business cards and responsive website consistent with the new logo design.

Dr. Hofmann is a naturopathic doctor successfully using various forms of biofeedback to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of her patient population, particularly those with chronic disease. She has studied and practiced biological medicine with Dr. Klinghardt in both the United States and Germany. She has been inspired by various ART practitioners in many countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa. She is the only American doctor to pass Dr. Klinghardt’s INK certification exam in Germany. It was very important for Dr. Hofmann that the new brand design would reflect the process of her work where colorful rays represent the revolutionary system of biological medicine and autonomic response testing to the benefit of her chronically ill patient population.



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