Euro Food Tri-City


Euro Food Tri-City a true jewel that brings European food delights to your dinner table. Some delicatessens available at the store are made by local culinary artisans who excel in producing various types of foods using best recipes from the Old World. They have unbelievable assortment of quality European teas, candies, cakes and preserves, meats and cheeses.

The store was established more that 12 years ago and is well know in the Eastern European community. GrafikaVision came on board to transition the store through a complete rebranding process. The new brand identity had to appeal to a wide range of audience, keep its cultural origins but appeal to contemporary consumer.

The idea behind the logo is based on the traditional historic russian head decoration for women (kokoshnik). It also maybe associated with sun and flower. The store owner’s name is Sevtlana meaning in Russian “light”. Sevtlana, indeed, brings light, passion and commitment to store. GrafikaVision also worked on Euro Food Tri-city website, signage, promotional materials, posters, newletter and social media marketing.