Our Story

GrafikaVision is a creation of multidisciplinary experience and collaboration among professionals passionate about art, design and commitment. Founded my Masha Tikhonova, GrafikaVision developed over the years into a boutique design agency. At GrafikaVision we know that great marketing has a tremendous power to generate business. Today most businesses understand the importance of its visual presentation, branding and positioning in the new media marketing. In our work process we strive to provide clients with design that overcomes convention, gets noticed and attracts business.


Regardless of the size of your organization your business image has to communicate what you do. Strong visual identity helps to attract new clients, promote healthy reputation and get repeat business. When we start working with new clients we always at first evaluate current branding and look for opportunities to help the business get the most out of their existing reputation. Any print promotions, web presence and online marketing should be consistent and reflect unified message the business wants to communicate.

We love working with companies that understand the importance of visual language and look for quality and thoughtfulness. At GrafikaVision we strongly believe that every business, no matter how big or small, should be able to afford professional advice in marketing, visual identity and user friendly website. We want your business to succeed!

About Masha

Masha is a designer, artist and an entrepreneur. Her artistic aspirations Masha traces back to her roots in the city of art and culture – St. Petersburg, Russia where she studied traditional fine arts. Surrounded by St. Petersburg’s beautiful architecture she developed strong respect for arts, architecture and history. In Vancouver, Canada, Masha graduated from Emily Carr University specializing in branding, typography and graphic design.



Besides art and design, Masha participated in a business ventures program at Capilano College which helped her to develop branding insights and experience the business process from the inside. After working in the industry for a few years Masha decided to venture on her own and opened GrafikaVision – a multidisciplinary collaborative design agency servicing businesses willing to take their branding and marketing to the next level.

Design Process

Masha has a very thorough design process that creates a solid foundation for her work. Design is a holistic practice that involves many different levels. The solid process results in excellent results that helps clients to stand out from the competition and develop strong branding and business direction. Masha’s motto in work: “I believe in a full circle. What comes around goes around. If my client succeeds – I succeed.”

As seen on Dragons’ Den

In a free time Masha pursues her passion for painting. She likes to create series of theme based artworks on different subject matter. One of her most successful series was Anatomy Art collection showcased on CBC Dragons Den Season 7 Episode 17, 2013. At the moment Masha explores architectural theme in art. Her most recent work can be seen on her facebook page.