Do you really need professional photography to enhance your product branding?


It’s no secret that good visuals steal the show. We are all wired to notice images, specifically photography containing attractive, shiny, pleasant visuals. Thanks to evolution, new and bright will always capture our attention. It’s the way our brain is wired. When promoting your brand, it is important to take this into account and be aware of the limited attention span of your clients.

‘After’ shot. Photography by Natalia Leva

As I once heard at Unbounce marketing conference, “every interaction we have with our clients is an opportunity to delight or disappoint.” So, accordingly, we should aim for nothing less than to delight our customers, to provide value before they even consider buying from us.

Website design has evolved into a visual realm with more and more photography populating landing pages and showcasing the brand visually.

It’s become outdated and unprofessional to have a company (or personal branding) website without the use of professional photography. Your branding then becomes either a deal maker or a deal breaker.

Website design, graphic design and branding photography constitute the visual representation of your brand and affect your client’s conscious and subconscious decision-making. To ensure the cards are in your favor, make sure your visuals communicate only the best about your brand and leave no room for doubt about your credibility and professionalism.

Since clients want to trust you before buying, your visual brand communication needs to be cohesive and consistent. The client has to feel clarity about your brand and product, how you work and what makes you different.

This is where the professional photography supports your credibility. It also demonstrates to your clients that you respect yourself and invested enough into your own brand and product.

Photography is your resource in demonstrating your dedication, passion, and credibility. Not only will the images support your brand’s consistency, but they will make marketing easier.

Once you have the shots, you gain image assets – photography that you can use just like you use your other assets – to generate revenue. Image assets give you room to play with marketing your product on social media, creating brand print materials if that fits your product, and producing marketing PDFs for your clients.

With top quality professional photos, you gain leverage in utilizing Instagram (the most visually-focused sm platform), and other social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Now you may be thinking “okay, I get it, I need professional photos for my branding and marketing. How exactly do I go about getting them?”

Well, you have two routes to take: do it yourself or hire a professional.

When deciding, take into account how much your time is worth and whether it makes sense for you to spend time on sourcing the right equipment, learning the right techniques for lighting and choosing angles. Most likely it will be cheaper to hire a professional that will take your product into their experienced hands and do the job without a headache you might otherwise experience trying to do it yourself.

After all, there’s more to it than meets the eye (literally). You will need multiple light sources, reflecting surfaces, a pristine white infinity backdrop and Photoshop skills to achieve the ‘professional quality’ result. And so, it may be a good idea to spend a couple hundred on a professional to get the job done. The result will bring you more business, will serve multiple uses in your marketing and will enhance your brand.

If you don’t know a professional photographer that you can trust, don’t worry. Working in the industry, I can recommend the right photographer for your needs that I have personally worked with. One such photographer is Natalia Leva, check out her work here. With her personalized approach and attention to your brand’s nuances, you can feel confident in getting the right ‘look’ for your brand and product.

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