Case study: Life Luxe Spa – organic graphics + contemporary design

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Life Luxe spa storefront

Life Luxe Spa brings a creative approach to the physical space through organic graphics and contemporary interior design.

The clients wanted to create a beautiful organic spa experience with curves and rich colours – a space with European flare.

My logo design process started with style research and analysis. Then the creative process took over. The logo had to have a distinctive voice that would serve as a foundation for all of the future marketing initiatives.

The owners of the spa are a charming mother and daughter. They have a passion to make this world a beautiful place and encourage women to ignite their internal beauty from the inside out. The logo essential design was inspired by the elegant and feminine lines of the calla lily flower. The “L” letters represent the name “Life Luxe” while the “L” shapes resemble the faces of women. The connection between the mother and daughter (salon founders) is represented with a swirl in the middle. The upward movement of the logo symbolizes growth. Isn’t it interesting how a simple logo can be interpreted in so many ways? If your logo doesn’t tell a unique story, call me and I will help it unfold! 😉

Orchids, spa, custom design, graphic design, Life Luxe spa
Orchids room has a large orchids graphic on the feature wall


During the project I was fortunate to work with an amazing interior designer – Maria Drugoveiko. Maria had a unique vision for Life Luxe spa. Her design concept was a blend of clean Modern aesthetic and vintage Art Nouveau. She combined organic graphics with bold straight lines, gold accents with polished metal furnishings, saturated colour with crisp white light. The broad brown line which travels around the salon, wrapping the front entrance wall and ceiling, emphasizes the flow and openness in the salon.

In the process of our collaboration I designed custom graphics that were inspired by the Art Nouveau flower theme. Art Nouveau is characterized by its use of  long, sinuous, organic lines. All graphics were drawn as stylized flowers, leaves and buds resembling Art Nouveau style. The rooms in the spa are named after flowers. The reception area (the face of the salon) is represented by the calla lily while the make-up & manicure area feature orchid graphics.

Wall graphics in  the Hibiscus treatment room
Wall graphics in the Hibiscus treatment room

Treatment rooms have peony, hibiscus, lily, and jasmine themes. The graphics add flare to the space and compliment the clean geometric shapes. All of the visuals have been hand-drawn. During the process I went through many iterations, sketches and mock-ups. The flowers had to be abstracted from its original shape but still communicate the organic form.

The corporate colour palette selected was minimalist white accented by the rich chocolate, gold and yellow used widely in Art Nouveau. The only two rooms that have different colours are hibiscus and jasmine. The orange colour in hibiscus room is referencing the boldness and brightness of the flower and the green in the jasmine room refers to white flowers on a lush green background.

Design process: hand drawn sketches
Design process: hand drawn sketches

When the project was completed everyone was delighted with the result. I want to give credit to the Life Luxe salon owners Natalia and Angela because they were not afraid to experiment and choose a creative approach. They are determined to bring a new kind of spa experience to Vancouver. Their trust and communication greatly reinforced good project flow and ensured that the beautiful fantasy would come alive.

Peony Room










Graphic design: Maria Tikhonova / Grafikavision Design

Interior Design: Maria Drugoveiko / Red Box ID

Photography: Ema Peter Photography

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