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Passion for what you do is the essential reason for your company’s achievements. But only if other people know about it!

Branding creates an influential online presence for you and your business. In today’s competitive market, having a “secret weapon” to use against competitors could mean the difference between still being around five years from now or not. That secret weapon is you and your brand – no one else can do what you do in the way you do it. A smart marketing strategy is to showcase your branding through video SEO.

When I met Julia Vorontsova, founder of Kakadu Media, at the Start Up City event we have connected instantly. Julia has an in-depth knowledge and understating of branding. In the ever-changing world of new marketing tactics and algorithms, her company Kakadu Media offers branding video SEO services using cutting edge technology.

Before we go on let’s look at some of the video examples by Kakadu Media:

    • The video uses client language to talk about the business’ offering. In Skin Kamloops testimonial, the happy clients tell the story of the clinic in their own words.
    • Unlike a regular “testimonial” video where clients are saying how happy they are, this testimonial video serves as a review video that tells a story about the brand. It guides you through the procedures like you were the customer.
    • The video is crafted in the tone of the answer to the question allowing the main values of the clinic to unfold naturally.
    • Statistically, referral closing rate is 60% (Quickbooks, 2016). Sixty per cent of people referred to you will become your customers, when they are happy with what they see.
    • Testimonial video maximizes return on investment, as we have previously tested for medical businesses. Let’s look at numbers. This video gains approximately 300 organic views from “review” based searches. Not a lot for views, but then roughly 35% of those views become repeat customers with a lifetime value of 15k plus (150k in a year in additional closed referrals). Here is where the ROI makes a lot of sense!

Here is another example:

  • The video addresses the strong points of the business and its advantages without any negative statements.
  • The storyline of the video: an ability to get training from instructors actually practicing first aid professionally, same day certificates, etc.
  • The information is presented in 90 seconds in a concise way, excluding any information that is not relevant to the customer.
  • As a result of the video, the company became more recognized and is currently ranking page one of YouTube for “Vancouver first aid courses” 3 times.

Importance of Branding

Having a well-designed logo or website is a good place to start. But meaningful branding encompasses all aspects of a company. When defining who you are as a business, it creates customer perception. It is the guiding principle for a branding marketing strategy that will help you effectively utilize resources, weather economic swings, and maintain a loyal customer base. Using social media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn translates your corporate identity into video content that will reach a lot of different people. Branding through video SEO is an impactful way to meet marketing goals and company objectives while increasing website traffic.

Video Marketing

Video marketing allows you to have fun with SEO content and gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers in new and exciting ways. Whatever the objective of your video – entertaining, educating or increasing brand awareness – it is important that tone, voice, and message are consistent with the company’s overall branding in order for your video marketing strategy to be successful long-term.

Video SEO is the driving force behind a successful long-term marketing strategy that establishes, defines and focuses on branding. Traditional SEO uses keywords to rank in front of competitors in Internet searches. Video SEO enhances your branding by appearing in search results not just as text, but with a picture of your video, including an imbedded link from the video thumbnail to your company’s website, Facebook page or YouTube channel.


Visual Consistency

A corporate video should connect production values like the concept, script, colour palette, lighting and setting with your logo and brand elements. Whether you will make only one video for your business’s landing page that will be seen multiple times or you’re planning a series of videos, your logo and company colours should appear the same every time. Themes and dialogue must reflect your mission statement and company standards. Visual consistency is an important aspect in converting viewers into customers.

GrafikaVision & Kakadu Media

GrafikaVision partners with Kakadu Media to offer companies branding video SEO services. Julia Vorontsova, the founder of Kakadu Media, affirms video marketing is three times more impactful than standard advertising and SEO practices. Julia believes 80% of Internet traffic will be video-based by 2019. Intended to be instantly recognizable to both new and repeat customers, branding is a visual snapshot of your business. A Video tells your story in ways more powerful than words or pictures alone. Kakadu Media and GrafikaVision can help you create branding video that meets your company’s unique requirements.

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