Branding for a moving company in Vancouver, BC


When do you think about branding for a moving company most people don’t visualize custom professional logos and attractive user-friendly website, right? We often associate a moving company with a truck and a fit strong crew in dark uniforms. We don’t think about what feeling, emotion, and message this company’s logo is communicating. In fact, we may not even notice the logo. Moving companies are often started by hands-on people that worked or have some association with the industry. In most cases, they focus on the labor, reliable employees, and equipment. And, why would anyone bother with branding if the clients keep coming and business is booming?

Well, the times have changed.

The moving/relocation services in Vancouver are becoming competitive.

There is a definite demand for the services and more and more moving companies keep popping up. The costly housing market definitely adds into the equation since many people who can not afford to buy a home have to rent and tend to move more often.

As the industry becomes more cutthroat, the branding gains value on the path to differentiate from the competitors. Many moving companies now understand that the logo should portray the company’s values and evoke a desired emotional response.

When I design a logo for a moving company I understand that the moving company is not in the business of moving stuff, it is in the business of helping people to take the next step in their life. Moving always comes with change, people get attached to the old surroundings and starting a new home may come with excitement and anxiety at the same time.

As a moving company, your job is to make the move seamless and well organized to relieve your clients from any type of stress.

To your advantage moving industry has many highly effective branding touch points to build a trustworthy and reliable brand:

  • The website where people can book the services
  • Social media
  • The truck
  • Uniform
  • Packing boxes
  • Post client care

1. Website for a moving company

The home page of your website is your landing page that would make or break things. You need to make sure that your home page has the following:

  • A well-designed company’s logo
  • Call to action: Book Now is the most visible part of the site.
  • Visual – some brand imagery, team shots, work in process
  • Key differentiating features – how do you differ? What is so special about your company vs next guy in Google search? Do you have great reviews, experienced people? If you do, you need to show it to your potential clients in the most effective way.
  • The home page needs to have a company description enriched with keywords.
  • You may want to have a downloadable guide on the home page with moving tips in exchange for the contact info. This way you can follow up with the potential client.
  • Your contact info – the phone and the contact form need to be visible. Some people like to talk directly, others like contact forms so you would want to accommodate everyone.
  • Good example of home page –

2. Social Media for a moving company

Most companies have love or hate relationship with social media. To create a great social media following takes time, resources and engagement. Social media is a great place to harness your relationships with your community. Your social media needs to look professional and consistent with your branding style. If you don’t have extra resources to invest into the social media just keep it up to date so whoever comes across your know that your business is active.

3. The Truck – brand your moving truck

Think about the truck as an advertisement billboard on the wheels. It will be visible everywhere and it needs to stand out. Depending on your budget you may go wild with great graphics or stay modest. In any case, take the time to think through what would you like to display on the truck, what brand colors will you be using, how big/small the logo will be? Have a professional designer to mock up the design on your truck before you proceed with the production process. The biggest mistake many moving companies do is when they don’t take the time to think what they want to put on the truck. Either way, you will be spending money on the print graphics make sure your graphics are attractive, visible and bold.

4. Uniform – a key marketing opportunity for a moving company 

Take advantage of this on spot marketing opportunity. Your stuff has to wear clean, attractive uniform that goes consistently with your overall branding. Clean uniform yields trust and attention to details. You brand logo on t-shirts will be visible for tenants of the building if you are doing the move in the condo. Remember, people often may not remember the name of the company but they will remember the color and the logo so next time they will be on the move there is a high chance they will think about you.

5. Packing Boxes – if you want your moving company to stand out – brand your boxes!

This one is a great way to create brand awareness and populate your customer’s home with your company’s branding for a long time. Take advantage of box space. Put your logo, website and key unique business message on the box. When your clients move to the new home they most likely to keep a few boxes in the storage.Guess who will they recommend for moving services?

6. Lastly – the magic sauce – the customer care

It’s not yet common in moving/relocation business to send thank you cards to the clients. So jump on the opportunity to stand out before everybody else will! Take advantage of the fact that you probably would be their first mail in the new place! A nice card with your logo, bright image with a warm welcome to the new place and thanks for services will enable to solidify your great service in your client’s hearts.

I hope you found a couple of useful points in the article!


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