2016 Design Color Trends


It has been proven over and over again that certain colors bring out certain reactions. For example the color blue boosts creativity, while red enhances the attention to details, promotes appetite and makes us feel more energetic and fired up. In Milan this spring, there was a notable shift towards more brilliant tones. Rich, almost regal shades of burgundy, golden ochre and forest green are popular in 2016. One of the definite color trend leaders is indigo, a timeless, brilliant hue, sometimes called royal blue or electric blue.

A bit of “blue” history:

In early medieval Europe, blue was a royal and aristocratic color, as blue dyes were rare and expensive. Due to the rarity of blue dyes made from woad , and also because Tyrian purple had gone out of use in Western Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire, the idea of royal color shifted from Tyrian purple towards blue.

Trend # 1
Royal Blue


1. Water Museum in Lisbon  /  2. Daniel Sean’s murphy paper roses3. Crystal Rose by Marcel Wanders

Trend # 2
Rich Jewel Tones


4. ZANOTTA JOY  /  5. Luca Nichetto Cloud one seater  /  6. Palm Canopy
by Kerrie Cauvin  /  7. Dirt Pattern material by MairWennel

Trend # 3
Outer Space


8. Celestial by Edward van Vliet  /  9. The eclipse sconce by Philippe Malouin /  3. Valentino pre-fall 2015 collection

Trend # 4


11-13. Serpentine pavilion 2015 in London  /  12. Rainbow Chapel by Coordination Asia

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